Monday, June 12, 2017

Party Time! - Dark Souls Player Classes

The Warrior's bulkiness is pretty appealing-- I think they're probably my favorite of the four base classes, with a pre-action pose and a fair bit of weight.

I felt like hinting at classic, color-coded pawns for the four player classes. The Assassin was probably the trickiest of them, going with a bluegrey for their hood. This photo came out a little more saturated than the actual model...

The Herald was another one I thought worked well (though, in retrospect, maybe I just like that pose...). I thought the breastplate came out nicely, though the shading on their back looks a little rough under lights and a zoom; at some point I might rework the model, and take the time to freehand some Dark Souls specific shield patten on that relatively bland one.

You may have noticed I keep not using gendered pronouns. That's because I think Steamforged was pretty successful in making their models good at standing for either sex, as with the video game's concept art and armor styles. The only area where I think it was a little awkward is in the hands, which look chunkier and more masculine, but that's often the case with any models at this scale.

Along with the other ready poses, I thought the Knight's was a pretty nice one, about to thrust. Something about the proportions of its armor really reminded me of the Japanese aesthetic for medieval European gear, which of course makes sense, considering the design comes from a Japanese company.

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