Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Odd Couple - Mr. Tannen & Mr. Graves

So, a little bit of a delayed post, but finally posting Mr. Graves from Wyrd Miniatures's Frozen Moments competition.

I didn't have a ton of time for this piece, and it was just a single model (therefore not a huge gamble), so I thought it would be worth pushing myself with another heavily stylized piece and trying my first model with backlit OSL. I've done heavily directional OSL like this before, but normally found that the darker side was largely blander and therefore something I tried to avoid photographing.

The gamble paid off, and Graves took first in the competition, which was pretty rewarding, since I feel competitions are so often ruled by a focus on overcrowded freehand or showy NMM that's more about the technique than the expression. (So, thank, everyone whose vote I got!)

...But, Mr. Graves wouldn't be really complete without his business partner (of sorts), Mr. Tannen.

I did him around the same time as Graves, because, whether or not I'd win, I felt they needed to be a set. Again, I was focused on the cartoony contrast in source lighting, as an exaggerated sense of the monstrous/horror in mostly mundane models.

In both cases, beyond the stylizing, I was quite happy with the nod towards both factions' colors in the lighting. There's actually just a touch of red in the vests, which mostly got lost in the heavy lighting, but is a nod to them also fitting in Lucius' Guild lists.

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