Friday, January 23, 2015

The Sheriff & His Deputies - Operation: Icestorm Nomads

I've done a few Infinity projects, but I've finally jumped in, with Infinity's new Operation: Icestorm starter set.
The Mobile Brigada above has a pretty cool tech feel, with armor that does more to suggest a suit than a robot, in some pretty interesting ways. I wanted to go with a utilitarian feeling than the bright red of the standard color scheme. Basically, I wanted to have a muted palate closer in sensibility to Ghost in the Shell  (expect more of this) but within the context of the Infinity setting.

I similarly tried to have a more toned-down version here, with a dull, stained leather instead of the bright plastic/enameled look.

The models are on desert bases because, as I'll be going with in the future, I'll be working to something more influenced by a space-western Firefly/(original comic series) Aliens vs. Predator feel than the garishly tech urban feel, since it fits in with my existing gaming material, though I might eventually pursue more of a cement urban Blade Runner/GitS look.

...In short, desert bases, and I like anachronistic sensibilities in future tech.

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