Friday, March 8, 2013

A Clone of my Own - Sedition Wars, Cmdr.s Kara Black

After Akosha Nama's extreme OSL work, I decided to go a much more subtle route on these two.
Since the two were clones, I thought it would be fun to pair them with each other, with mirrored directions for source lighting (most visible in the last shot).

Unfortunately, the angles I set them up at weren't conducive to photography, but I'm still quite happy with how they came out. I was originally just going to do the regular version of her, but decided that I might as well do the pair, since they would use the same mixes.

I chose to do something more resembling an energy weapon than a traditional sword, because, mostly, why would you use a traditional officer's sword in the far future to fight scary tech zombies? Seems like you'd go in with something a bit more advanced. Also, it was fun to do a teal gradient, and I was kind of tired of doing regular NMM on everything.

Materials Review
This was also an interesting bit to work on, because I was dealing with two very similar models: the majority of both bodies/legs and sword arms were identical, so I was able to compare resin and plastic versions.

The plastic cast was very solid, but you could tell that it was slightly duller. The straps and pouches in particular showed a little rounding where the resin version was crisp. The biggest difference was the mold lines: from my experience, McVey's resins have been near-perfect. While there was nothing technically wrong with the plastic version (no shifting/uneven molds), the mold lines were somewhat trying, and I found myself noticing slivers of mold line that I hadn't gotten, each time I looked at the model. It's not quite up to detail of GW's soft plastic and it's harder to clean than Wyrd's hard plastic, but it's still pretty good to work with.

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