Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Ninth Circle - Blackstone Fortress Rein & Raus and Traitor Guard


I wish regular old Cadians looked even half as good as these scum.

I think the Traitor Guard are some of the nicer basic human infantry GW has put out, and agree with various hopes that some day a full Lost and the Damned-style list might exist again. I hacked these guys up a bit, mostly head swaps, to give them a little variety, but otherwise can't remember the last time I found painting a regular unit of goons this satisfying.

Opposite them are Rein and Rauss, the ratling twins. I don't have such love for these two (in part because Blackstone already has some strong ranged options), but it is nice to see that ratlings haven't gone the way of the squat quite yet. I tried to give them a little bit of a special ops look, as all of my specialist Imperial Guard are themed a bit more around Storm Troopers and my own take on the Inquisition. (A blatant teaser for anyone who pays attention to what I occasionally write and post here...)

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