Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Haunter & Haunted - Kingdom Death Watcher and Retinue

The concept for this Retinue began some time back, actually before I'd first fought a Watcher.

I'd originally thought of making the four you can field at maximum (having a bunch of extra generic survivors from the Survivor level), but it's for one fight (well, two if you count the Messenger of Courage beta scenario), so the single one was ultimately what I felt was fine (plus the Lion Knight could double as one, and CDs and coasters are plenty close enough to the right size).

Either way, here's the one I did. The one with a pair of lanterns is the Lantern Armor pinup, modified with a bit more clothing as a kind of stylish screaming armor survivor, since I thought it was silly to say that was anything like the heavy Lantern armor style. The other three are a mix of parts, mostly lion and unarmored survivor, with some cutting here and there.

I'd originally intended all of the survivors to be gear we didn't use very often, but ended up only magnetizing the lion/drummer and antelope/whip ones to the base while the other two are part of the diorama (I already have plenty of sword and spear Survivors).

Now they kinda' form something of a weak hunting party scene or, at the end of the game, a cheerleading squad to fit their support role, with the drummer, extra light, reach attack (a bow might have been better, but I wasn't liking the pose), and the sword woman's mostly there to lead the other three.

...And where would they be without the Watcher to fight? (To answer my own question, probably back at camp waiting until they get killed by their cruel player overlords for having bad stats...)

Either way, my second orange and brown one. having done three different styles, I'm starting to really like this as a more natural look- while it's not screaming magic ghosty guy, it does fit aesthetically a lot more naturally with some down-to-earth humans in their nightmare horror realm.

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