Monday, June 19, 2017

A Deadly Realm - Complete Core Kingdom Death

So, I'm pretty darn happy with this collection.

This represents the 3 core Quarries (White Lion, Screaming Antelope, Phoenix); the 3 core Nemeses (Butcher, Kind's Man, Hand); what I consider a fairly iconic mix of survivors (Rawhide, Lion, Screaming, Leather, Phoenix, Lantern armor sets, and the single-pose starting and lovers models) and the original boss (the Watcher) before the campaign is extended to include the Smoke Knight.

I had a few self-imposed limitations when creating this set:

First, I included all the monopose (not modular) models.

I also didn't include any of the KS extras or other model kits, with the exception of the bottom right survivor's hammer (which was the only one at the time that I felt fit the model) and the lion survivor's cape  (which was cannibalized and modified from another kit)... though, there are quite a few models that have been chopped up and sculpted- in fact, I think that the only ones that haven't been sculpted and cut about are the 6 monopose survivors, 5 of the monsters, and one of the Phoenix Armor survivors.

Finally, I made a pair of every armor set, with what I felt was aesthetically and/or mechanically a strong fit, and limited myself to one of each sex for that. The small exception to that is the Cursed armor set, which there isn't a very good representation of without modification (and I didn't really like the representation with just the heads), so I felt it was better to leave it off.

Also, because Blogger has upper limits on image size, I've broken the above montage into two smaller ones, which should zoom better:

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