Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lock, Stock, Barrel - Malifaux Ortega siblings

Been a while since I've posted anything for Malifaux, I burnt out a bit, I'm getting rolling again...

I'm starting with a less-daunting project, first completing the half of the Ortega crew I never got around to completing. I'd done quite a few models in a badlands/desert scheme, but despite a nice atmosphere, I wasn't satisfied with the richness in any of the colors I was getting, so decided it was time for an overhaul.

The Perdita model above is definitely my favorite of her various iterations. Despite being based on an only okau

I've gone with a kind of gloomy rock look that fits in much better with my work in general, not as dramatic as the sourcelit work I do, but something that won't look weird next to them.

Niño... I just don't really know what they were thinking... hopping around with some sort of gatling rifle, while his rules clearly indicate he's a sniper. Either way, I stuck a rock under his foot and elongated the barrel, and now he looks like a dramatic sniper.

Francisco just got a weapon swap upgrading the the more standard looking Death Marshal's one taht I had from another conversion, since his original pistol was a weird blocky thing with a bayonet on the handle. I'd considered chopping down the blade, but decided to keep it since he really is more threatening in melee than at range.

He's my least-favorite of the Ortega sculpts I'm using, but I think the giant skull sombrero is just over the top and don't care enough to try to get ahold of his LE version, so, a slight conversion it was.

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