Friday, January 3, 2014

Angry Ghosts All Around Us, Kirai Crew, part 2

Seems appropriate for my first post in the new  year by clearing out some ghosts and cobwebs. I painted the first bit of this crew some time ago, and then they sat around for a year or so before I finished them, but now here's the full crew.

The Onryo are still some of my favorite Malifaux minis.

Actually, I think just like how Wyrd handles creepy masks. Either way, I really like the flow of these ghosty ladies.
Kirai Ankoku herself is probably the most colorful model I've painted in years. I had originally planned to give her a more elaborate pattern over the gradient, but felt that that would get kind of garish, and that the contrast with the nearly monochromatic crew would be strong enough on its own.

It was interesting painting up her Lost Love, working with the same palate but different materials. I'm happiest with how his heart came out. I was considering doing it black like his intestines, but decided that would be too symbolically inappropriate, and that the glow was a cooler effect.

While not technically part of her crew, the Graveyard Spirit felt like a thematically appropriate addition in her color scheme, what with the candle motif. I'm still up in the air on whether I'll be painting all of my resser ghosts in the same colors or not.

The Ikiryo on the left is probably my favorite paint job of the ghosts set, because of her halo glow. For the record, her pattern is also a fish scale crest.

Datsueba (on the right)  turned out pretty well, I'm happy with her colors for the most part, and still like her lantern a lot. There are a ton of references to asian art in these models, and the style of lantern and octopus is a nice touch.

I was originally going to paint the crew in monochrome- just the cream to black, but I felt the teal worked nicely to tie together all of the Resurrectionist pieces, and the Seishin in particular looked overly bland in just black and white.

Jaakuna Ubume was another favorite, I liked the color accent for the girl, and the added creepiness of the illusion/possibility that she was living. I'd considered connecting her to Kirai's colors, but felt that a different bit of color would create a more interesting composition.

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