Monday, January 28, 2013

Pet Rocks - My Trollblood collection, part 3 of 4

(continued from part 2)
Grim is one of my favorite minis, possibly my favorite trollkin there is. Either way, he's got a lot of character, and was a blast to paint. He's also the only trollkin warlock I have, that I basically have a functioning theme list with, though it would be a lot more functional with a heavy.

Speaking of Grim's theme list, my largest unit of Trollbloods, Pyg bushwhackers are decent enough, and I like their aesthetics... not the best unit, but they allow me to use rifle infantry, and that plays to my strengths (I heavily favor ranged models, which is a bit of a problem when playing Trollbloods).

The Earthborn has a pretty good, dynamic pose, but what's easy to miss without seeing the model in person is the great amount of texture in the skin. It has a dry and cracked look that was a lot of fun to paint. Definitely a winner, and a bit of a shame that it doesn't fit in Grim's theme list, considering it's so appropriate to his theme and rules.

I was never a great fan of Borka's model, and, while I was going to use the Kiltlifter as a Champion Hero (umm, typing that out, that's a pretty ridiculous title...),  I wound up with a pretty mangled Borka from a trade, so, making lemonade, I decided that the Kiltlifter would be my proxy warlock.

...BTW, that gobber is, like, 1/2 the size of all of all PP's other gobber minis. Hopefully PP isn't encouraging underage drinking, are they?

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