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A Twinkle in His Eye - Gorm & Twilight Knight, and campaign years 5-14

 Kingdom Death's Gorm is an ugly, ugly model. But I embraced the ugly, and think it paid off.

I think the pukey-troll-elephant-baby-angler thing is just a really strange concept, and I actually avoided getting it for a while, despite liking the style of the armor you make from it.

What pushed me over the edge was that it was an alternative early fight, so it really opened up some opportunities to hunt it a lot.

I've been playing with color, and specifically hue contrast, a lot, and my color choices here pretty strongly reflect that- I wouldn't have gone with either color probably a year ago, but am quite happy with how it turned out.
Similarly, I've started playing around with alternative light sources on survivors- you can only paint so many regular lanterns before it gets a little common, so, like my first one in almost complete monochrome teal, I decided that my second twilight knight should just be lit purple from the monster's eyes.

Completely unrelated insofar as you can't fight a Gorm or get a Twilight Knight in a Stars settlement so neither of the above are representative of much of anything... the next big chunk of Redux:

Hunt 5 through the end of year 7
We marauded around killing an antelope and two lions in one crazy session. In the process, we got lucky with an early fist and tooth mastery, an antelope mask, had an elder council where we learned to fight the Beast of Sorrow, got a Shrine, and four survivors gawked at a lion's mangled foot for a while to get full understanding. Possibly most importantly, we finally got a third survival limit (despite just about everything going well, we'd never gotten a random survival limit increase).

The only real setback was someone going crazy  and tearing off their leather shirt, which was mostly just a problem because we've been getting almost no hide this whole time.

Also, yet again our same player got one more Cursed gear.

Year 8
With a bunch of assets and finally a higher survival cap, we decided it was time to hunt a Beast of sorrow.

We had a kind of rough hunt, ending in not only an ambush but a random attack that targeted our weakest defensive link, which got us off to a rough start, but we eventually gamed the lion's deck enough that it didn't get any horrible moods, etc., and got lucky, with the trap second from the bottom of its deck, so with reliable damage we never hit it.

We picked through the debris and continued with our trend of not getting enough hide- we got 19 resources this year, but somehow only managed three hide. We had more metal than you can shake a stick at, and nothing to do with it.

Year 9
An acid storm had us worried we were about to lose some of our haul, but instead we just got more metal... derp.

Well, we innovated and got scrap smelting, and have a ton of metal, but not enough bone, so saved what we could. For the first time ever for us, metal wasn't even close to the limiting resource.

Then it was time for the dragon king to harass us again. So we fought him.

This time he was way nastier, and the trap in particular was pretty deadly- killed one of us and nearly killed two others.

Our fist and tooth master scored the killing blow, getting a scary magic skin and becoming a Storm aspect from the campaign bonuses, which gave us access to some really good progression options (avoiding some epic spoilers... turns out constellation combos are pretty huge).

Year 10
We then lost two survivors to getting scared to death, or something.

We were feeling ready for it, and decided to go hunt our second Beast of Sorrow despite no shrine and not a ton of armor.

Things basically went fine, until our very last hunt space, where we all got hit with -1 speed, roughly cutting our damage output in half, since only one of us had a weapon other than speed 2.

The Beast had our first instance of Golden Eyes, which was great, since, once we killed it (with a bit of struggle) it allowed us to give two of our Survivors another mark on their dragon traits (three after we got to pick a fighting art).

Year 11
We went home and had a heat wave (which didn't actually affect any of our choices since we didn't have anything it interacted with).

But then we realized we'd be running in to our Conviction and then a Butcher, so would have a few years in a row where we could lose our stores. So, we dumped out almost all of our storage and built a blacksmith and a full leather suit bringing us from two armor sets to three in one year (we were a bone or two shy of being able to use all our iron :/ ).

We went hunting a Beast of Sorrow again, and got a very light hunt. We critted the lion's paw off in the first round of combat, which was pretty exciting since you can get understanding off of it. Going pretty well.

Then we hit it in the heart and it died. Also in the first round. Well, that was unexpected.  Also, our resident person of the Stars learned his second mastery- starting to get crazy-good at everything- it's pretty epic to have +2/+2/+5 on sword attacks, especially when we have a super sword that gets +1/+0/+4 with him.

Year 12
We became barbaric, and didn't(!) lose all our stores in a stupid party. We got a beacon shield and continued to not get family innovations. We decided to try out a Dragon Slayer (kinda' awkward, what with our benevolent scary overlord).

We fought another Beast of Sorrow because we didn't want to risk the age vs. a phoenix and the lion had such better resource output than the antelope.

So, the whole thing went pretty uneventfully, with the bonus that our shield specialist got to get back in the game and start training again, since we now had a shield that had decent offensive output.

Year 13
We had an elder council, in which we told a story about a scary lion (that we'd just fought) and were now (still) able to fight it. We also finally got Hovel, moving us towards extra-good kids, though we might be too late for it to matter.

Not much happened, we had a couple kids, and got a little gear specifically to fight the Butcher. We decided to send out two from our second tier of survivors and two newbs with good defensive buffs, since we weren't overly concerned about the Butcher. Our experiment was taking two counterweighted axes to hope for those lucky auto-wounds, plus reach, and then our two relative veterans working towards mastery.

We then had probably the best Butcher fight we've ever had, in that we didn't just get lucky with a clean fight, but took a whole ton of hits and frenzied so we couldn't spend survival, but still managed to handle our bleeding very smoothly- no one died and we only once took a severe roll.

And then we got one of his cleavers, which was a nice bonus.

Year 14
We got Cooking, which was the least-lame of our innovation options. Then we discussed the next few years:

We decided some Acanthus would be a good call since we were going to fight the dragon again and he does some steep damage that ignores normal means of dodging, and two of our guys were near hitting yet more weapon mastery, which was nice, especially since one would become a dragon person.

Well, we were indecisive so wrecked the another Beast of Sorrow with about the only exciting thing being an event we'd never hit where we got infested with flies that got us buffs until we all fell down when they (non-lethally) exploded from us, conveniently when the lion was pretending to be prone.  Then we went back home, and got confronted with some spooky mist...

...And found a new settlement!(.....!!!!!)

Continue the story of Redux, dear reader, in Re-Re-Redux...

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