Monday, November 17, 2014

Guys, Look What I Found! - Continuing Space Hulk 1st Squad

I think they were going with something more serious, but that's about all I can see when I look at Goriel (on the left with the Genestealer head).
(...I actually do think he's got a pretty dynamic pose for a terminator, but, well... still...)

One bit of the 40k setting I've always enjoyed was the old theme of combat squads that have been re-introduced to Marines in recent years, particularly because of the "corporal" rank implied in having two squad parts, particularly in the old case when that meant a second sergeant's banner.

(Like so.)
Valencio in the middle, with some more ornate armor, slightly irregular gear, and the mini-halo, gave the sense of second in command, reminding me of that style.

Zaal with the flame unit has a good heavy weapons trooper feel. I think that GW finally hit what Terminator heavy should look like, with the two monopose heavies in this set and the one in Dark Vengeance.

Also, the whole squad together:

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