Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Watchmen - Kingdom Death Watcher + some survivors

This is the first time I've done a basically natural-looking Watcher, and I'm quite happy with how he came out.

I've been experimenting with a hatching effect for rough weave, and think it came across well on the robes. The lanterns on the base are from the Lion God, and came out a bit more contrast-y than I'd intended, but I think the effect worked nicely.

I can't claim the LEDs as my work- my client installed those. This is the second project I've done with them, and I think the effect's a pretty cool one, and it's always neat, trying to match painting effects with actual lighting. We talked about pushing the LED brightness, but, with few electronics skills and fewer tools, I wasn't going to touch those delicate wires (he'll be dealing with that side of things).

Also, a few survivors- I showed these in my  strategy guide and earlier review, but didn't showcase these properly:

The leather armor set's a fun one, and I built these two since my group so regularly used counterweighted axes, but I'm considering swapping the male survivor's for the other obvious weapon that goes with the armor set (IMHO)- a zanbato.
The screaming antelope's armor set is a trickier one to figure out. The shield guy is because our favored use of the set is for buffing low-strength weapons. The pair of clubs is mostly just because we kept using them, but didn't have a specific model that had some, so, given that they're good against antelopes and they aesthetically fit well enough, she got a pair.

I'm quite proud of how the spidicules / silk armor came out-- I want to try the white/blue-grey light like the far left survivor's elsewhere.

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