Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Drop-Dead Gorgeous - Seamus and His Belles

It was time for Seamus, in all his egotistical glory, to get a face lift.

I touched up his color scheme to more closely match the 2nd edition look, while keeping a bit of the flamboyant flare. I also decided I was happy with the concept of Seamus posing in front of a wanted poster of himself, but went with a more abstract version since I wasn't satisfied with the other iteration.

For a while, I'd been using my puppet Seamus model as the Copycat Killer, but I finally got the old sculpt, and had fun perching him on the edge of the curb.

The Belles saw a richer, darker color scheme, with a lot more attention paid to subtler blending, after a few more years and a little more patience.

Sybelle saw a similar update and a bit of a lighter color scheme.

The biggest change with the Canine Remains was the pug, which I thought would look nicer in a creamy off-white.

Finally, Seamus' avatar got a much brighter color scheme, keeping the original sensibility, but without the extreme shadow and dramatic, but not very detailed, tiny light sources.

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