Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mr. Nobody - Deadsculpt's Inanis

Inanis was the guy who got me in to the Deadsculpt line because he's such an unusual sculpt, and I've always had an unusual color scheme in mind for him.

I think he's otherworldly looking, with the almost stigmata reference on his hands that's then repeated on the empty chest and head that appears to similarly have a void. I dunno, I don't feel like I'm doing justice to the model describing it like I am... hopefully, my paint job does--

To match this strange look, he's one of few models I've done where I attempted an inverted palate (darks where lights should be; lights where darks should be) and one of even fewer I tried in color.

And then there's the real test to see how the effect comes off, inverting the image in Photoshop:

I felt like it hit a much more sinister vibe with the sort of blackened meat look here, I hadn't realized how much the blue in his skin would redden the effect, but I think this is the most successful inversion I've managed.

Now, the real question, is my title I referencing the indie film, the Grant Morrison character, or the Beatles Song (inaccurately)?

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