Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scooty Puff Jr. Sucks! - Tiger Claws master of the Forge on Jetbike

This one was just plain fun.

I ended up with an old Rogue Trader Devastator with a Conversion Beamer. Now that those are hardly common weapons, I had two options- use it as a plasma cannon (kinda' bland), or turn him into a Master of the Forge. Obviously, I chose the latter.

He started off as just a repainted mini, but I realized that I didn't need a conversion beaming techmarine, since I'd already have Valthex, the Astral Claws special character with one, who'd make a decent proxy for a regular one if I decided to downgrade.

Hence, the jetbike was conceived. I had a single old jetbike I'd gotten with a few regular Rogue Trader bikes, and I felt it was more fitting to give it to a tech-oriented model over something blander like a sergeant or captain.

I think he's pretty fun, and even though it'd probably looked more stylish to mount the Beamer somewhere on the jetbike, the whole contraption is a little derpy already, so I decided to embrace the derp and run with it. I'm looking forward to making my opponents fear the Scooty Puff.

Also, here are a couple shots of the master of the Forge before he got his new ride- his thighs got pretty mangled in the process of mounting him on the jetbike, but his paint job was mostly intact through the process.

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