Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Go Walking After Midnight - Malifaux Swamp crew

I think this has been some of my most ambitious work in some time.

As I mentioned with my recent post on Tannen and Graves, I've been pushing myself with OSL and particularly trying to make shadows both believable and interesting. While they had a more cartoony feel, I was trying to go for something subtler on this set.

I mixed a lot of grey, blue, and purple into the cooler/darker parts of these minis.

The two Silurids have their colors based on their namesakes (that would be siluridae), and I tried to go for a really subdued feel on them, since they've got all sorts of sneaky rules and fluff.

Zoraida and Bad Juju were really the core of this set, with a focus on them as a pair- if it isn't clear, their bases actually match up as her light is cast on him.

I've always loved her concept, and finally felt like she had a solid model, and despite liking Juju's old model, I love this one.

Zoraida I felt needed a full display, with all the potential of her free-form puppets. The only bit of that that isn't scratch-built is the Mordheim lantern, from my first favorite skirmish game.

Juju was the only one who got any substantial conversions, with the Swamp Thing, Princess Mononoke, and a little Hellboy as reference material for the interaction with nature and the growing/dying vines. The orchid is mostly a reference to Adaptation.

Last and kinda' least, Zoraida's totem, the Voodoo Doll has some nice texture, but I didn't feel like it quite hit the mark as well as the others.

Along with the above composition that I decided on, one that I'd originally set out with, which I ultimately felt didn't mesh ideally and could take attention away from the painting itself. It was also kinda' airbrushed feeling and I didn't feel like the silurids were fitting in so hot anyway, so I didn't finish it, but another "sketch", giving a sense of what I was going for.

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