Friday, December 20, 2013

Seeds of Heresy - Chaos test painting

Saying it right now, one of the best reds I think I've painted

So, this is the first test model (hence the incomplete base) for a larger Warriors of Chaos army.

Instead of the usual metal trim and black undivided look, I'm partially inverting the color scheme, with glossy black trim and white armor.

It would hardly be fair to do Khorne without the signature brass, however, so I added the details on the collar and blade edges.

The Jade is, along with the trim, going to be the secondary unifying element in the color scheme, will probably also do any glowy magic eyes that color.

It wasn't until I hit the tassels with Jade, however, that I realized how close they were to the newer Red Corsairs color scheme, which is mostly just a fun coincidence, except for readers in the know about fluff, who'll see the transition to...

My night Lords test (again, why I wasn't so worried about the base).

While I was working on the above commission, I decided I might as well start the Night Lords army I'd been planning for some time, which also featured a dark glossy trim (thought the warm trim didn't properly convey "sinister."

I'm trying to keep my Night Lords sleek, with mostly small spikes, a dark color scheme, and little ornamentation that isn't flat, other than maybe a few of the signature bat wings.

The bases on these guys match my other 40k armies on a sort of apocalyptic waste feel, though a darker tone.

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