Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Book Smarts - Friekorps Librarian conversion + Nothing Beast rebasing

A simple riddle: What do you do with a model missing 2 hands and 2 feet?

The answer, of course, is convert it.

My old metal Viktoria was in rather poor shape after I prepared to replace its weird gun, broke the model in an accident with some pliers, and then cannibalized the sword arm. And I think lost the model's sheath if it ever came with one...

So, she got glasses, a ceremonial knife, Tara's weird hand, book bag, and a dress- mirroring the Librarian's goggles, knife, kind of clawed hand, and book (no analogue to the dress, unless that looks like it can prevent blast damage).

Going with the rest of Tara's crew, she's got the obvious black & white, and grey and brown with the only real color accents in the form of dark reds. I think she has a fun Weird West look now.

Also, an update of the Nothing Beast, now with extra base so it's even more oversized than with his height increase and starting at the souped up Nightmare size. He was feeling a little small now that I've started to work bigger critters in to the larger set.

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