Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Far from Over - Sedition Wars Grendlr, version 2

Since I got two of these beasties, and both liked the original and don't like having duplicates, I decided to try something more spectacular...

The base the most obvious change. It's actually the first of its kind for me: I'd never done a display base that incorporated absolutely no greenstuff/kneadatite. This is entirely plasticard, copper tubing, and insulation foam.

However, that wasn't the real conversion (nor was leaving off the 2 secondary hooks b/c I decided they didn't look right). I actually thoroughly hacked apart the model, the rebuild it roughly the same, but around 1.5x as large.

It was pretty tricky, but I wanted to try blending the sculpt together in a new way. With the exception of the join around the hips and tail (which I didn't particularly like in the normal version of the model either), I'm quite happy with the results, particularly the shoulder and extended mouth.

The main reason (other than having a spare copy to hack on) that I did this conversion was that the model seemed awfully small for something capable of consuming a human whole, but, once I had started modifying the mouth, I realized that it would be out of proportion with the rest of the miniature, hence the Alpha Grendlr was born.

Finally, for scale purposes...

A poor Samaritan and my earlier Grendlr, cowed by its larger kin.

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