Creative (tutorials, aids, illustrations)

This is the section for creative work that doesn't strictly fall under my painting projects. This includes design, aids, illustrations, and hobby tutorials.

Step-by-step, with visual aids
Painting Atmospheric Object Source Lighting
Stripping paint (tips and review)
Painting Black and dark NMM
Working with clear plastic (mini-tutorial)
Kingdom Death Terrain casting (more of a journal): part 1part 2 (columns, bases)part 3 (dais WIP)

Gaming Aids, and Rules (Mostly Homebrews)
These are all my designs.

Some short house rules on beginning the game

Kingdom Death
Innovation Tracker (aid)
A Squall in the Dark (First Story Gorm variant scenario)
Variant Rawhide Vest card

Tara Dead Death Marshal cards, More Tara cards (alternative, themed illustrations)

Sedition Wars
Co-op rules variant (based on solo rules)
Solo rules variant and designer's notes (official rules, open beta)

Doors (paper)additional doors and open/closed tokens
Lights Out campaign Opticamo/Nano-Genesis status tokens
Health Cards: Samaritans Revenants*
Health track Tokens (generic 6, 8, 10, 12)*

Cocci, a homebrew scenario

3-D strategic points & scatter terrain variant

*older editions

Gaming-related illustration work I've done for my own projects or others'.
A bit on my circus-noir, and how my model painting and illustration influence each other.

Marseille Tarot deck: SwordsCups and updated SwordsWands and Coinscard backs & deck imagemajor arcana/trumpsthe Happy Squirrel

Eternities of Conflict cover art (commissioned for a work in progress game)

Graphic Novels/Webcomics (not gaming related, but related insofar as both are parts of nerd culture)

Coloring book page: Screen Door PDX

Fan art
Tara Dead Death Marshal cards (modified from existing art, also Malifaux)

Kingdom Death
Rawhide T-shirt (this is available from Redbubble)

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