Creative (tutorials, aids, illustrations)

This is the section for creative work that doesn't strictly fall under my painting projects. This includes design, aids, illustrations, and hobby tutorials.

Step-by-step, with visual aids
Painting Atmospheric Object Source Lighting
Stripping paint (tips and review)
Painting Black and dark NMM
Working with clear plastic (mini-tutorial)
Kingdom Death Terrain casting (more of a journal): part 1part 2 (columns, bases)part 3 (dais WIP)

Gaming Aids, and Rules (Mostly Homebrews)
These are all my designs.

Some short house rules on beginning the game

Kingdom Death
Innovation Tracker

Tara Dead Death Marshal cards, More Tara cards

Sedition Wars
Co-op rules variant (based on solo rules)
Solo rules variant and designer's notes (official rules, open beta)

Doors (paper)additional doors and open/closed tokens
Lights Out campaign Opticamo/Nano-Genesis status tokens
Health Cards: Samaritans Revenants*
Health track Tokens (generic 6, 8, 10, 12)*

Cocci, a homebrew scenario

3-D strategic points & scatter terrain variant

*older editions

Gaming-related illustration work I've done for my own projects or others'.
A bit on my circus-noir, and how my model painting and illustration influence each other.

Marseille Tarot deck: SwordsCups and updated SwordsWands and Coinscard backs & deck imagemajor arcana/trumpsthe Happy Squirrel

Eternities of Conflict cover art (commissioned for a work in progress game)

Graphic Novels/Webcomics (not gaming related, but related insofar as both are parts of nerd culture)

Coloring book page: Screen Door PDX

Fan art: Kang (Malifaux), Tara Dead Death Marshal cards (modified from existing art, also Malifaux)