Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Adding Some Pop - Candy Crossover, and Updated Lion

Starting off with a fun little bit of editing, since the fight didn't really make sense for a cold lantern to be shining a warm light source.

Candy and Cola in their more natural light. I liked the alternate fight she made in the game, but it sounds like most of those events are going away now, so, I'll be waiting on the official (and less-exciting) update, but will probably end up either trying to homebrew a settlement event or work with their Wanderer rules that are getting introduced in, uh too many years, to reinstate the event, since a slight variant on the lion fight was a nice one for a relatively small bonus.

I've been playing around with resculpting details on the lion, since it was a bit boring to me. I'm not the most excited about it, but it still looks a bit more interesting-- there are a few dismembered arms and bones tied in the mane, which came out okay (I'm not sure I'll keep them or dig that out), and I'm pretty happy with the bracelet and lantern as referencing him stealing survivors' jewelry.

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