Monday, November 30, 2015

A Spudman (I've got eyes all around!) - Deadsculpt's Ignava

The Alien/Xenomorph series was a pretty influential part of my childhood* so it was fun to do a paint job based on Giger's aesthetic, to match the model.

* Not my parent's fault: My friend's parents' fault.

While I might have painted her with more modest sensibilities as I have with some models showing a lot of skin, I felt it was only right to go all the sexualized, biomechanical, glossy, near-monochrome, body-horror way with Ignava. I think I got some nice, stylized glare on her, and I always like working in monochrome when it fits.

The body language of this model really came together nicely, and I think that there was a ton of character in her faces, particularly the forward-facing one.

Also, I'm almost positive that it would take almost no work to reverse those faces, if you wanted to go shocked/tortured head forward.

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