Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Six String Samurai - Gunslinger Outcasts for Malifaux

One of my favorite bits of Malifaux is the Weird West aspect, and I've recently been trying to refine painting towards it. Sue is probably my favorite out of the whole subgroup, what with the badassery, Johnny Cash reference, and creative character entry.

As such, I tried to do a bit extra with his base and paint job. I'm still not positive I like the flames I was trying to match to Tara's crew, but I'm still quite happy with the result.

I felt I got a pretty good paint job for Miss Demeanor (Wyrd's old LE Convict Gunslinger). I'm very happy with the skin, okay with the rest. The model is a little awkwardly proportioned, but pretty fun. I've got another Convict Gunslinger proxy I've been intending to paint that I'll probably be using more than this one...

My second time painting Ronin. These are two of my favorite early Wyrd models, and I really wish that they had chosen to keep this flavor for the new plastic Ronin. I'm really happy with my new color for faded jeans on the left Ronin.

The third Ronin in the set isn't forgotten, but I just haven't quite figured out how to modify her kind of stiff pose...

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