Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What You Are, We Once Were - Malifaux Zombie Conversions

This lady ranks right up there around my favorite undead I've worked on.

A conversion from the Through the Breach kit, I felt like this one really fit the "punk zombie" aesthetic of its title.

The old Mindless Zombies have a lot more character than the newer, more generic ones. In fact, I'm generally not a fan of a lot of the most recent undead models, where I feel like they really don't look like they have much personality.

I had a spare copy of the old metal model, so Candy got zombiefied as a Crooligan, since the other option (a changeling) seemed far easier to get confusing.

The old metal Rogue Necromancy just looked kind of shabby and small even before the bulky plastic one came out. Not loving that model and finding the old one for cheap, I played around with it, and found that 90% of what it needed was just something imposing to stand on. I messed around with a few versions before settling on this chunk of rock, which I think worked quite nicely.

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