Friday, February 1, 2013

Kill the Brain, and you Kill the Ghoul - Sedition Wars Strain test model

Since these zombies are based on nanotech and not your typical, decomposing or voodoo based zombies, I tried to go with an unhealthy but basically fleshy skin color.

The dark stains in the recesses were actually a technique I first tried a little while ago with my Puppet Wars models, which I redid but haven't posted yet. I think that this turned out pretty nicely, especially on the tentacle bit on his small arm.

I experimented a bit with trying to get a glowing effect in the model, with varying degrees of success. I think his shoulder and face turned out well, but I'm less sure about some of the other spots.

The whole color scheme is slightly lighter than I intended, which I'd like to rectify in the rest of the group, but I'm okay with that for one dude (adds to the irregularity of the shambling horde).

I'm hoping that another week will suffice for the Strain half, but I'm not sure, as there's around 25% more minis on the Strain side.

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