Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pet Rocks - My Trollblood collection, part 1 of 4

Something special happened on Monday, which has almost never happened before. I think once was my Mordheim Skaven warband, one was a Necromunda Ash Wastes Gang... I'm not sure if it's ever happened other than that.

This is the third time I've had a fully painted force, and this is by far the largest of them, and the only completely NMM.
When Privateer Press previewed HORDES, there was only one faction that really grabbed me.

First opportunity I found to get the Trollbloods warpack (outside of exorbitantly overpriced ebay finds for being able to play with toy trolls two months before the other kids), I did.

The Axer (above) was the first trollblood model revealed, even earlier than the prerelease warpack, and one of the first models I painted with NMM-- this army actually catalogues a lot of my progress as a painter since I started taking painting more seriously.

Madrak was a relatively minor conversion, giving him a slightly larger chin to make him consistent with some of the later trollkin models, rather than the smaller heads of the original trollkin.

I modified the second impaler, partially because I don't like two larger sculpts with the same pose, and partially to match the look of the box art.

The Champions were my first Trollblood unit, because they were one of the best beginning units: good rules; high points-to-dollar ratio; cool minis. The only problem I had with them was how limited their poses were, hence, with a bunch of cutting, I sculpted some new arms, and varied up the 5 minis, and completed the core of my original troolblood army.

(continued in part 2)

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