Monday, April 13, 2015

By the Book - Space Hulk Blood Angels

I'm not actually sure what more I can add to my comments on the Space Hulk set... "they're still some of GW's best"?
Calistrus, the resident Terminator Librarian, is pretty damn cool. I traded for a spare second one, since I think he's one of the best Librarians around, and fits right in as as combat sorcerer.

The Blood Angels' other loner is obviously a lot of the inspiration for the Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad, and I don't blame GW for doing so despite Claudio having a wince-worthy pun for a name.

There's also a spiffy set of doors. They're doors. Here's a nice variety of them. They block LOS and stuff. IDK, not sure what to say, here.

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