Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A New Lease on (un)Life - Starting Dark Souls with Hollows

Okay, I admit it: I've never actually beaten Dark Souls... or even gotten particularly far in it.
I love everything about the game (setting, mechanics, structure, aesthetic, world, map design, etc.), except the difficulty, which I respect, but I'm just too casual a player to commit the effort needed to hone my reflexes for games like that: in my more-nerdish down time, I'm usually painting or playing board games, so most of my video game experiences these days are limited to easier games or ones I grew up on, or, I guess, hanging out while others play them (as in the case of Dark Souls).

I tried to emulate the palate and lighting of the game with my minis, and am glad I've painted so much NMM and simplified so much that I was able to do a stippled NMM effect, where I don't think a particularly clean effect would have really come across that well. I felt it came out particularly well on the Hollow Soldiers in the first pic, and am looking forward to trying it on some of the bosses.

I'm not very impressed with the material used (more on this when I do an actual review), which is another reason I'm happy with my simplified style, but I think that the sculpts themselves nailed the aesthetic, so these were pretty darn fun to see come together.

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