Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toys in the Attic, Puppet Wars collection, 2 of 5, Arcanists and Resurrectionists

After quite a break, an update on my Puppet Wars collection...

With my recent experiments with white undercoats, with Sedition Wars and Malifaux, I've gotten a lot better and faster at painting with a white undercoat, and feel like my painting's going quite well.

I was going to highlight my favorite paint jobs in this post, but I'm really quite happy with all of them. The OSL went really smoothly on Marcus and his flaming arm; all three of his mechanical beasties' metal turned out nicely; the Ice Golem's ice has a nice, cartoony pop to it, and my pair of December Acolytes were a lot of fun to paint. About the only mini I'm not as happy with is Joss, but that's mostly because I'm not happy with how he's lit and wasn't motivated enough to re-shoot him.

One experiment I tried on this set was, the only white I used in any of the painting was on the reflective areas and a couple glowing bits-- I didn't mix any into any of the other surfaces, including the Golem's snow body, and I think it gave the minis a nice, natural look, and made the metal pop.

Also, because I'm a perfectionist at heart, I re-shot my Resurrectionist puppets on black, because I think it's a lot nicer to shoot on:

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