Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"All is Rust..." Plague Marine color test

Death Guard were my favorite army through two editions of 40k, before I eventually sold them off when I jumped the GW ship ages back.

I recently got a good deal on a few of the gorgeous Dark Vengeance Chosen sets, and left them around a bit before I figured out what I could do with them- they didn't fit my Night Lords (too non-mutated) or Fallen (also not mutated, also I converted them)...

The Chosen could be decent Black Legion, Word Bearers, Red Corsairs, Emperor's Children, or even some cool Thousand Sons sorcerers to compliment the regimented look of the Rubric Marines.

However, Papa Nurgle ultimately called me back. It took a couple times before I got it right, but now I've got a dry, grimy, nasty Death Guard. turns out several years of painting has gotten me a more sophisticated look. I'm probably happiest with the near-black rust, the Death Guard badge, and the dry (rather than gooey like I previously did them).

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