Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy-Turkey Day - Kingdom Death Display Phoenix & Innovation tracker

...Not to be confused with "Happy Turkey Day," since it was his day for some fun, rather than time to overeat. Well, actually, the big guy is (very loosely) based on the glossy teal-black of an Ayam Cemani black rooster (breed) instead of any sort of turkey.

The Kingdom Death Phoenix, painted as my interpretation of the Golden Eyed King of 1,000 years (which is one of the coolest boss titles I've ever seen). I think he's one of the most ambitious models I've painted, and I've one word for you: Texture.

This one needs a zoom (which is why you should open the image link). It's actually so large and textured, that it really doesn't display very well until you get impractically large, in my opinion, so I hosted it elsewhere due to this blog's server messing with the size.

It's the largest model I've ever painted entirely with source lighting, and one of the highest surface areas of any model I've painted, period.

The King won me first place in the monster category of the Rotten Harvest painting competition, which I'm very proud of, despite some confusion during voting and a pic that I don't think half-way did him justice (due to resizing issues I didn't know to compensate for).

It was also a complete pain in the ass to assemble- those tiny wing hands are largely separate parts, with no instruction manual.

Innovation Tracker
And the other half of this: Opposed to the time-destroying bird, I have a time-preserving tool.

I came up with this settlement innovation tracker as a way of playing multiple settlements, because we always found that trying to keep our innovation decks tracked was a real time sink and easy to mess up while bouncing between settlements.

The idea is to roll an appropriate die for each Innovation rather than needing to re-build decks. It's also a nice cheat-sheet for aspects of your Innovations you might skim past.

Since Blogger will also not host things other than smallish images, another outside link.

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