Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Once More, with Feeling - Undead Guild

Continuing in my recent trend of resurrecting the already undead...

I really like the old Dead Justice set, and it was time that my favorite set on the table got a bit more polish, since I wasn't satisfied with their old paint jobs.

I love the Death Marshal chewing on his victim, like the one who's been speared, and have a growing fondness for the derpy one who's somehow managed to get himself in his own coffin.

The Judge got a base upgrade to medium, since I use him as a Student of Sinew.

Considering the new, more ubiquitous Horror label for undead, he fits in well, with the dead Marshals as Autopsies/Drowned, and he seemed like the appropriate choice for someone who's scary to undead.

Justice herself does triple duty depending on what I'm feeling, as a Dead Doxy (what the model officially is, when zombiefied), a Punk Zombie (what with the sword and fitting in the Horror suite) or a Student of Steel (mostly just 'cause I don't have one painted, and it's also a Horror).

Along with the Nightmare set, I've got the Guild Autopsies, which I've always liked.

And, both last and least repainting, Tara and Karina got a little more orange and subtle lighting since their recent repaint... since I'm compulsive.

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