Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back With a Vengeance - Night Lords Revisions and Additions

So, there comes a time in basically every project that's allowed to sit around me long enough, that I decide I need to fix something.

In this case, it was just basing-- I was liking my Deathwatch test marines, for in the texture I'd managed to get on their bases.

...And, I admit it, the 32mm size. Despite thinking it was stupid when it happened, the new bases really do make Marines look more substantial, and as I'm basing my metal Raptors, I don't really miss the 25mm ones for anything top-heavy.

My 40k forces are pretty small at the moment, so I'm re-basing them. I'm not all that happy with the seams that appear around the rims, but I'll probably find some filler when it bugs me too much, and smear it in there.

The above two units are half-and-half mixes of two minimum squads I've done. I've been using the chain glaives as actual chain glaives (using their 30k rules), though am ready to use them as lightning claws, chain fists, or extra-long regular power weapons, as appropriate when they're not. Not really sure how I'll handle that next edition, guess that will depend on the rules...

I'm quite happy with my hodgepodge of chaos, imperial, and 30k bits for these guys, since for a long time I felt that chaos guys were too regular and spiky and, despite liking the raptors a lot, I thought they were a bit too ornamented in the context of the line as a whole.

The Lord saw pretty little in the way of change. The Rhino just needed to be repainted on the bottom half, since it was no longer on a dusty landscape, so some yellow-green dust didn't make much sense...

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