Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Everyone Loves a Redemption Story - Space Hulk Squad 1 & objective

Time for the Blood Angels to come roaring back in to the Sin of Damnation, ready for a fight.

The iconic Terminator Sergeant Lorenzo's got a ridiculous amount of detail, and I think could easily represent a captain or special character. Again, some of the most detailed snap-fit models I've ever made.

Brother Deino's got a nice bit of pose for being stuck in Terminator armor. I think there's some really nice movement, while still showing how awkward fighting in a suit like that would be.

Finally, the C.A.T. (thanks for that, uh, clever? acronym, GW...) may be the cutest miniature to come out of Games Workshop's line in decades.

Say what you will about GW's rather policies outside of some decent customer service, their best minis look damn fine. ...Also, they've improved rather substantially since first edition.
Lorenzo's back, with better armor and more bling, and ready to blast apart some bugs.

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