Thursday, December 11, 2014

Proper bookkeeping - More Tara cards incl. reference cards

So, finally got around to adding a few more cards for Tara (and the Dead Justice crew).

First, I thought Justice didn't quite see her full potential as a Doxy. While completely unofficial/not tournament-legal, I thought that the Punk Zombie profile fit killy-ness far better. (Also, so I could summon her with Karina to bring the full set to bear in either theme...)

Speaking of which, I've also added Karina's summons. This one's based on my previous coloring job, because I couldn't find a decent resolution full illustration of Karina. While I like the ones on Wyrd's forums, I prefer ones that match the upgrade format, so came up with this:

I've added the other variants of Guild Autopsies, too, since I hadn't noticed that, officially, they all count as Autopsies (though I'll still be using mine as their other versions).

I also made some corrected Void upgrades with the yellow-green bands, but think that's pushing the info a bit far, since that's just a straight duplicate recolored, rather than any modified or incomplete content...

The back of Karina's card was unused, so I put together a cheat sheet to use up the space...

Finally, I've put these together for tracking objectives. While realistically I could have done one for the pair of factions, I've done two, so my opponent could use one if they want.

The Justice image isn't mine, the rest are variously composed, modified, edited., etc. from Wyrd's content.

Feel free to use these, but please provide credit and a link, thanks.

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