Saturday, July 5, 2014

In the Cards - Tarot Illustration (part 2)

I've done quite a few more cards, and fine-tuned the ones I've completed further.

The biggest addition you'll notice is the addition of trim color. having spent a while studying my tarot deck, I realized how important it was to be able to quickly scan suits. Below are several variants I tried out. Most of them were, I felt, too intrusive or felt too modern in design sense.

The version I decided on was a combination of the first column's second and third cards: they follow existing lines without shading, so are unobtrusive, but also follow the contour of the numbers' windows, to make them a little more prominent and design-y than merely making a rectangle.

In the tests, there's also a visible difference between the tone and hue on the two cards, which is somewhat exaggerated in seeing the images repeated: I decided that there was too much variation in backgrounds, so have brought both tone and hue to a narrower range, while still maintaining enough irregularity to stay interesting.

I've also updated the Swords suit to match the changes I implemented in the Cups.

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