Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Face of Revolution - Kang Sketch

I really like Kang's concept, but felt that his pose didn't really convey his character.

His story goes beyond the basic thug, as do his rules, with not only a nice set of stats and a good weapon, but support for his fellow worker.

This is a sketch I put together for him as a leader, rather than the static pose his model and illustration are in. The proportions aren't quite where I'd like them (most notably his foreshortened front leg is a little funny, and his other thigh came out a bit long), but I'm very happy with the composition itself, and I had fun practicing getting my hand back into illustrating: With a successful kickstarter and a lot of personal stuff over the past few months, my comics illustration has lagged quite a bit.

I wanted to work on something creative, but not with less commitment than something eventually intended for print, so I did this fun little illustration in the style of my comic, Tightrope, which had also inspired the above kickstarter's style.

...Speaking of which, Tightrope is now updating again!

(Some day, I'd be interested in converting Kang in a pose along these lines, but for now I'm happy with the sketch, as-is.)

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