Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Rawhide Build - Kingdom Death Shirt Design

So, this started as a joke in my group, and I eventually found the time to actually play around with illustrating it, so now it's time to share my Rawhide T-shirt, available from Redbubble.
(You can thank RB's stock photo t-shirt guy for the above... I just couldn't deal with that picture staring at me any more while I was writing this post.)

This is actually a convergence of a lot of my interests, including those I normally don't blog about. Along with my obvious interest in gaming, I'm also a designer and an illustrator, and study comics theory, and this was a fun little project play around with all of those skill sets.

Once I got the basic concept for the shirt down, I knew I didn't just want to ape Kingdom Death's style, but I wanted to do something very graphically clean in a different style. My experimentation with hatched shading started with my appreciation for Joe Sacco's comics (which are amazing pieces of journalism, and I'd be a little embarrassed if he knew this is where some of that admiration led). After a number of experiments, I decided that a hand-drawn but meticulous style was a nice adaptation of Poots' generally minimalist aesthetic.

Oh, and finally, for those of you who want the extra self-reference, I whipped this up, too. The zoom should be the right resolution to print, resized to 2". (As with all of my design work here, feel free to post it or whatever, but please include a credit and/or link.)

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