Friday, March 1, 2013

...then I guess it bounces around, harpooned, for a while? Sedition Wars Doors part 2

Well, I didn't really plan on a "part 2" to my Sedition Wars door terrain post, so I don't exactly have any movie quotes for this title... you try coming up with things about doors.

The first set, above, was because I had originally planned a very different set than the 3-D ones I made. Originally, I was just going to do top-down strips at 1 and 2 square widths, but didn't really like those, so scrapped the idea for the one in the previous post, and kind of forgot about tokens at all.

Then, I got a comment about expecting tokens and being pleasantly surprised, which got me going, again.

These are designed to be put next to your doors, and are a more compact way of showing status. I made the set above, then decided to do them again in black, because it would be more forgiving when cutting them out, even though it uses a bit more ink.
The idea is to fold them over, so you've got a double-sided counter. If you're feeling particularly ambitious or masochistic, you can cut around the shapes, or you can keep it simple and just leave them as rectangles.

As a note, on of my other favored board games, Space Hulk, could also make good use of these, if you need extra door counters, lost some, or are DIYing your own set.

Also, due to some advice from a more experienced paper crafter than I, I also made a solid version of the open doors, which look less cool (IMHO) but are way more durable.

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