Friday, February 22, 2013

Counter Strike - Sedition Wars Health Tokens

So, as Sedition Wars's rules have been getting more refined, through the FAQ/Errata, and I've been getting more used to the rules, I've been enjoying the game a ton, as you can probably tell from the amount of posts I've made recently on it.

However, one thing that I've continually had trouble with is tracking health. Now, I'm not the most organized gamer you've ever met, but, having that many cards around has been difficult to keep track of, and I haven't even moved in to a large game, yet.

My first instinct was multiple health tracks on single cards. I'm going to continue to do these for people who want to name all their guys, but, at least for now, I don't have any brilliant ideas on how to tell them apart, other than marking their bases or avoiding multiple helmeted minis, and in that case, I still need to note "the blonde one" or "the fat zombie with blue pants", which is almost as bad.

Then, Lights Out came out, and I made these.

This got me thinking, and I realized that 3/4 of the time, models were getting hit once and dying in the next hit, so part of my confusion with cards (above) was that I would re-use health cards: many actions would go something like, "Oh, another Revenant got shot-- I'll re-use this card with marked health."

So, I wanted something small and modular, which is where this design came from. I contemplated doing linear tracks, but decided that, the more compact, the better.

Here's the sheet I came up with, it's designed to be printed on regular-sized printer paper (just hit "scale to fit" when printing... still don't know how to make blogspot keep things at full print resolution).

I borrowed the office printer, and printed a sheet of these, then laminated them in strips of three with some of the left-over plastic from laminating my Malifaux cards, and cut them out. If you're going to do this, and you're not planning on playing a ton of games, I'd suggest cutting out squares instead of circles, as my hand got pretty sore after one row.

Here's an in-game pic. I think they'll work better to just keep with guys who have been hurt, though it might be good to keep blank ones next to models so you always remember to move the tokens with them.

As an aside, does the perspective of the closest rooms vs. the angle of the counters make anyone else feel like they're falling?

Instead of the normal legal stuff, these actually utilise no Studio Mcvey material, so this is just my copyright. As usual, these are fine to distribute, just please credit me.

If you want to buy a printed and laminated set, let me know, and I can figure out a number.


  1. What are you using to mark the current damage level on the wheel? Marker?

  2. Hi, I'm using dry erase pens, though I think that wet erase would be better- wet erase tends to show up darker and, for whatever reason, the dry erase pens seem to be showing up light on the laminating material.

    (As a note, either type will eventually eat in to the laminating material. You can slow this by wiping them off when you're done playing, so it'll be quite a while, though.)