Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blow it out of the Air Lock - Sedition Wars door terrain features/game aids

My first request for tokens (that I've executed, still working on others), decided to make it a snappy one.

These are based on the digital mockups from the Sedition Wars terrain pack. I'm probably not going to do standees of all of the SW tokens, but there are a few others that I've planned.

I decided to start with these, because doors don't have any stock markers for indicating open/closed.

These were going to start a bit simpler, but I eventually went all the way in making these, I decided to make something more lasting.

These are designed to be printed at 1 and 2 inches (the images should be scaled to 5.25" width)

I haven't actually tested printing these yet, but, especially with the open doors, I imagine you'll want to print these on heavy paper or back it with think card (such as cereal boxes).

I've kept the documents separate, so you can choose to either replace the closed doors with open ones, or just remove the closed doors.

I believe this is substantially different enough from the source material that I think this is just my copyright(? If this is wrong, I'm more than happy to correct this). As usual, these are fine to distribute, just please credit me.

If you want to buy a printed / built set, let me know, and I can figure out a number.

ADDENDUM: I subsequently made a more durable version of the open doors and just open/closed tokens, here.

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