Monday, July 28, 2014

Marseille Sophistiqué - Tarot Kickstarting, week 1 (part 5)

So, Kickstarter has come to town. As of writing this, my wife's and my kickstarter is about $50 from funded, as we pass the first week mark (I believe it was around 1:00 PM, last Monday, when we launched).

Marseille Sophistiqué is an updated version of the French Tarot (or Tarocchi) deck, which was created in Europe in the 15th century and used for card games well before it was adopted (and adapted) for fortune telling/divination.

For a little detail on how French Tarot is played, it's a point-trick taking game, that can be played in variants of 3-6 players (4 is standard, and the larger family of games can accommodate 2-8 players), that revolves around the idea of intentionally unbalanced hands: The cards are only very lightly randomized, with the goal that one player will have a strong enough hand to take on a team of all of the other players, combined.

The above video is the first video I've finished post-college, despite being pretty active in filming when we were there (Oberlin, for the record), and the music to it was Jim Mattingly, who deserves props for his epic score (one among many) and has a good portion of his collection over on alonetone for internet listenin'.

Along with the deck, we'll be including a PDF of some of the games, with the intention to expand the set of games we cover, include a booklet with the deck to get you started, and improve the booklet, with stretch goals.

As more major stuff develops, I'm planning on posting bits over here, and eventually a post-mortem of both the campaign and actually getting it to our awesome backers, but for now, I'm adding the Trumps (or Major Arcana, if you're doing card readings). These aren't quite the versions I've gotten now, because I've modified the line quality and made the colors more consistent, but it's still a nice collection that's easier to see at once.

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