Friday, March 15, 2013

Sedition Wars Cards (part 2)

After some serious distraction, I finally got back to these. I'll be doing the phase 2 when I get some more time (redoing the wound track takes a while). I prefer this design for keeping track of health, but for those of you who like cards, here they are!

These are all print resolution for standard 2.5x3.5" cards, and have 1/8" bleed for those who don't want that little white trim.

A little explanation:
The blanks are for numbers, descriptions, or names, as you see fit. I'll probably end up naming mine fun references... The last card is for special weapons troopers, didn't find an image of the Reaver, and thought it would look crowded, either way.

NOTE: If you want to use these, feel free to, but please link back to my blog, thanks.

And for legal stuff, if needed: All of the photos and the Vanguard logo are © Studio McVey (I assume), and this is not for profit, nor do I claim any copyright to the images. I did the graphic design, so I guess that's © me (Nick Wirtz/SpiralingCadaver. I thought it would look tacky to put my watermark on them, but if you want to be extra cool, you can draw a little skeleton on yours).

If these infringe on any copyrights, etc., please let me know, and I'll alter the designs as necessary.

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