Thursday, October 23, 2014

Western Frankenstein - Conversion Experiments with Through the Breach & Malifaux

The Through the Breach multipose kits offered me the one thing I felt was wholly missing from Malifaux: conversion fodder.

The above is my take on a Punk Zombie.

The first thing about the Through the Breach ladies is that they're huge (I'll get to this more in the future), so I cut apart this zombie's legs, and reattached them a little shorter, accounting for 2-3mm height loss. There were also some cuts I got in the pants to get a little damage going for painting. Next, variously clipped and slightly repositioned the arms and head, so the shoulders and neck to give a bit more of a casual and/or zombified slump, and smoothed the gaps with greenstuff.

While I'd have preferred to have been able to just put a mini together from a mix of parts, the conversions were all very simple, and painting the mini went together really quickly- I'm not sure what it is, but I find Wyrd's plastic lines very fast to apply natural paint jobs to.

It should be pretty obvious, but this is my interpretation of the Hanged, kitbashing part of the Hanging Tree and the male Through the Breach kit.

The wire didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd have liked, but the TTB arms were very compatible with the Malifaux line's mini.

The paint job matches that of my Tara crew, because I've decided I like the colors enough that I want to paint all my Outcasts (at least, the ones getting a western feel) in this scheme, and the Hanged have more to do with Jack Daw than with any of the Resser Masters in particular.

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