Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Goin' Out West - Western-themed Malifaux Zombies

Guess what? I still like bleak, Western-themed stuff.

Yep, these are more minis for Tara's crew. The Guild Autopsy from the Dead Justice pack (on the right) is just slightly touched-up from my previous job, while the left one is in the same colors I use for my (living) Guild Guardsmen. The other two were slated for McMourning's crew, but I'm not sure if they still will, since I've had a lot of good experiences with the Autopsies so Tara may need more.

Since Autopsies can theoretically (I've never had the cards and position at the same time) summon these more basic undead, I also decided to finally make my ancient Mindless Zombies for the continuing theme.

My fave's gotta be the middle one, but I think they're all pretty fun. The chubby guy will probably get repainted for my regular Resser minis since I'm never expecting to need all three, and he's a bit colorful for Tara's set.

Again, Tara's tactics list saw a bit of an update with these additions.

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