Monday, October 6, 2014

No worse for the Wear - Bolt Action Soviets with winter camo & weathering

Some more Bolt Action minis, this time with some more grime.

The T-28, above, was a mainstay medium tank, and, as such, I gave it some rougher weathering, as the additional use would see more grime. This was also to emphasize a less sleek design: with a relatively raw, mechanical profile and less than amazing performance, it felt right that it not look in the best repair.

While the 122-M didn't see service, if things had been a bit different, it still would have been pretty late game, so I thought it would look nice with a relatively smooth and complete camouflage coat, with only some staining from mud really doing much to mar the look. Also, the low profile seemed to fit a plain white look.

Finally, the BA-64 from my previous post, now with some grime on its underside.

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