Thursday, October 30, 2014

Building Character- Vanguard Unique Models

Continuing with a more down-to earth Vanguard minis, with a batch of characters. I've always liked Kara, particularly her expression and prosthetic arm: Her scars have a lot of cool narrative weight that I don't often see.

The color scheme here wound up having a nice construction feel when applied to Barker's more unconventional gear. I decided not to paint his shirt as the undershirt look. Instead, I went with a uniform matte black, for an under armor sensibility that fit the modern and more regular military look (despite somewhat irregular gear).

Well, uh, not everything really fits the modern military look. Hurley's just Hurley. The tilt in this image is due to the hover tank not being glued down yet (just resting on the peg).

Akosha saw very little other than variations in grays and blacks. Staying in the modern look, she got regular eyes instead of the fun tech/glowy eyes I gave my variant. I guess this one's better at looking wholly human.

Vade's got a lot of fun little details in all his extra gear. I've always thought he has a little more of an engineer look than a medic one, but, either way, he certainly fits the functional look.

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