Monday, February 18, 2013

... & After. Dead Justice crew.

At the same time I was working on my Justice crew, I was also working on their undead counterparts.

I was quite happy with how the metals and gore came out. I tried getting some very sharp and sometimes almost crude NMM, to go with a ragged/horror look on them.

The Death Marshal on the left is without a doubt my favorite from this set. I'm always impressed when sculptors get really good still poses.

This was the first of some interesting choices Wyrd made of double-dipping with Nightmare edition models. I think it was a really strong choice to allow minis to play as two different things: I hate for limited edition minis to sit on display shelves or, worse, in boxes, so anything that encourages more play is good in my opinion, and Wyrd made some cool decisions.

Also, blind and decapitated, Justice can still shoot straighter than you...

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