Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dark Paths - Yan Lo Malifaux Resurrectionist/Ten Thunders Crew

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the detail on Wyrd's new plastic line.
Izamu is a really impressive mini, and I had a lot of fun with the glow effects and red on him. I think the cold teal came out particularly well.

To go with him are his loyal, damned footsoldiers, the Ashigaru. These models were extremely delicate, and had some really strong detail, as well.

Chiaki's purple robes were an interesting experiment for me. I also didn't realize, until seeing them together, how visually linked she is to the Onryo.

The Punk Zombies probably fit in least well with the rest of the crew, due to their age (back when Wyrd wasn't making them for a specific setting), but I think they have some nice connections with Yan Lo's Soul Porter. Speaking of which, I was quite happy with the glow and how it interacted with the metallic bits, which was something new for me: I learned how to do object source lighting after I had basically phased metallics out of my regular routine.

Finally, I'm happiest with Yan Lo-- I thought I got some really nice coloration on him, and because of how nice he and Chiaki were to paint, I'm thinking I'd eventually like to paint another crew of his up for my own collection.

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